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Afternoon in Yuma, AZ

I painted this after a vacation we took to Yuma, Arizona. I returned to the site quite a few years later to find that most of the flat area is now a golf course.

Oregon Coast

I painted this after a short trip we took down along highway 101 all the way to California in 1989. It was my first attempt at painting waves.

Solitude Ridge

This is a painting of a spot right close to our seasonal campsite near to where I grew up in Saskatchewan..

Carnwood Creek

This is a painting of a photo I took in 2018 of a creek quite near to where we live on the ranch now. It was thawing and freezing so it was  a bit of a struggle to capture that on canvas.

Bow River 

This is a painting of a photo of the Bow River in Alberta. 

ST. Thomas mission

This is a painting of a photo I took while in Yuma, Arizona. 

I have a real interest in the history of the places I visit. This building was built as a replica of a mission that once stood on the site. The original was built in 1780 it was destroyed in July 1781 during a raid by the Quechan (Yuma) Indians who were frustrated by their treatment at the  hands of the Spanish colonists. Two priests and over a hundred colonists were killed in the raid.

The National

This is a painting of an elevator that was torn down in 1986. It was Located in my husbands home town of Shell Lake, Saskatchewan. There was also a pool elevator standing next to it. As buildings age and are not in use it is safer to tear them down then to let them remain. However it feels a bit sad for those of us that lived through the time to see buildings and surroundings change so drastically.

Vivid Presence

I did a bit of playing with doing night pictures. What I like about this print is that no matter where you are standing from it, it looks like the wolf is looking directly at you.

Also a night seen but with a bit more depth. Just for fun I added a dark wolf in to the painting also. It is a bit more difficult to see it in the photo.

Up a Tree

It is a poor photo of the painting but it was certainly fun to try. I enjoy doing the eyes on the animals it really gives them life and character.

I also do a bit of custom work so if you have a photo of a place that is very special to you let me know and I will do my best to capture it on canvas.